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The Costantino Group Spotlight Series: Schoolhouse Fitness

Happy New Year!

Our last CG Realtors Spotlight got us a taste of some authentic Portuguese food, including a killer seafood paella, at Nuno’s Bistro & Bar. With the new year upon us we know many of people (us included) want to get their health in order. See how this Claremont gym is making it easy for you to maintain your new year’s resolution.

Located next to The Spot Cafe on Foothill and Indian Hill, Schoolhouse Fitness provides an environment for patrons to exercise with no fear or judgement. Unlike traditional walk-in gyms, Schoolhouse Fitness does not allow for open use of the gym outside of class hours. This is meant to reinforce the mantra of the gym that getting fit together is a better option than going it alone. Don’t think that just because the gym is based on classes that it’s boring. School House Fitness offers a wide variety of equipment and gear to keep your body guessing. Schoolhouse Fitness


In addition to a variety of classes, Schoolhouse Fitness is also linked directly to The Spot Cafe via owner Mitch Stein. Mitch is one of the first members of Schoolhouse Fitness and has the results to show it! By combining healthy food and drink options with calorie burning daily classes people are able to reach their goals and enjoy themselves while doing it. Schoolhouse Fitness also employs a unique point system where gym-goers accumulate points by attending classes which they can then redeem for a variety of prizes.

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School House is currently offering a free 1-week of classes for those that email Don’t miss out on this opportunity to start 2018 off right!

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